The NETWORLD INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL has the aim of inculcating love and human fraternity while providing holistic education to meet the needs of the individual and the society. All that happens in the school and outside and events of the past and present are transformed into a learning experience. Novel and creative means of imparting curriculum is used to keep the learner curious and interested. Curriculum is made vibrant by the active involvement of the students in Project Work, Experiments and other assignment works. Efforts are made to renew teaching, learning and evaluating strategies. Audio-visuals and latest technologies are put to optimum use.

Many co-curricular activities are planned in literary, cultural, sports and games to tap, nurture and develop talents to a level of excellence, keeping the students highly motivated. Healthy inter-house competitions keep the students enthusiastic and prepared for challenges ahead. Spiritual culture and value education is an integral part of education.

We are Special

We provide the primary education here which is a combination of both theory and related practical based. Our teachers teaches the students not only as a teacher but as a friend as well because if students think their teacher as a friend, they can clear most of the confusion by asking various questions.

It’s not only a website but an interaction between you and us and because of that we worked hard to let you understand that we are those for whom you are searching for.